Babette Sanders / Bonnie Brenner

Babette Sanders / Bonnie Brenner

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It had always been our dream to have enough money to enjoy a nice life. Growing up, our parents worked hard to build other people’s dreams, and were never in control of their own future. Although this was our template growing up, we sisters had bigger dreams. As the years went by we felt that we would never find that perfect business that would give us everything we wanted -- financial independence, quality time with our families, and the freedom to do the things that are important to us.

Then we were shown lifestyle training. We did the research and attended private business receptions. We were astounded to find incredible excitement for the true income potential in this industry. We were blown away by the freedom and lifestyle that people enjoyed in this industry. So, we pursued our network marketing business with the very best comapny as our vehicle and set out to realize our dreams! The attitude that 'failure is not an option' motivates us to persist no matter what!

Our dreams are finally coming true, all due to our home-based business. Why not you too?

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